I help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow their sales predictably.

Clients that fully engage with me typically experience the following common results:

  • The implementation of a robust sales engine
  • Defined selling channels
  • A strong message for the sales team to take into the marketplace
  • Clear commercial offers for all verticals and buyer personas
  • A complete sales toolbox inclusive of demos, presentations, industry insights, case studies
  • An enhanced digital footprint that provides lead gen and sales acceleration 
  • Increasingly consistent results between territories and reps
  • Alignment of resources

Having worked with over 100 manufacturers, distribution companies and professional services firms, my experience is in the industrial B2B marketplace. My teams have personally sold over $100 million in a variety of complex B2B selling scenarios.

As a consultant I’ve been hired to turnaround underperforming business units, co-author sales and marketing strategy, establish new sales channels and help clients design and build out their digital footprint. I’ve been practicing my trade at a high level for 20 years and do my best to bring new insights into client conversations.