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The Customer Prevention Culture

The Customer Prevention Culture℠ is a systemic phenomenon that creates a friction-filled customer experience. It’s pervasive in business and made up of five common missteps:

  1. The Customer is NOT King!
  2. Company-Centric Infrastructure
  3. Too Many Customer Touchpoints Break Confidence
  4. Tribes & Silos
  5. No Values to Form Culture

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The Sales Engine

The Sales Engine℠ is the roadmap to sales predictability and an irrefutable, business-agnostic framework applicable to B2B transactional, solution-based and consultative selling scenarios. Companies struggling with anemic sales results desperately need The Sales Engine℠ and we’re here to help.

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The Culture of Commerce

The atmosphere in which companies attract, sell and deliver is everything and too many businesses have unknowingly misaligned people, process and technology, creating a friction-filled customer experience. The Culture of Commerce℠ provides a cultural standard to aspire to and align around. The Culture of Commerce℠ enables teams to continually shine the light on The Customer Prevention Culture℠ and recalibrate to grease the skids of commerce.

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To rate the overall health of your organization, The Halpin Group created The Culture of Commerce℠ Assessment Tool. By scoring 14 different functional areas based upon attributes the most closely reflect your work environment, participants receive a score in their inbox to review. In the end, users can determine for themselves if they lean toward The Customer Prevention Culture℠ or The Culture of Commerce℠.

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