All Customer Touchpoints Build or Break Confidence

The perfect customer experience is all flow, no friction. In an “all flow” environment, customers have the ability to conduct business within different functional areas effortlessly throughout the customer life cycle. Those companies practicing the opposite — what I call The Customer Prevention Culture℠ — present unintentional friction throughout the customer life cycle. Adopters of The Culture of Commerce℠ understand selling the customer is not a one-time event. You don’t sell the customer, onboard them and then it’s over. Customer relationships are nurtured over time and grow as trust and credibility are established. This happens as customers interact with different team members throughout the organization. Common interactions and touchpoints include customer service, technical support, fulfillment, sales, quality, accounts receivable and many more. All customer touchpoints build or break confidence and back up the point that ALLteam members have customer-impacting positions (customer-facing and non-customer facing).

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