B2B companies everywhere get in their own way at great expense. Rather than deploying enterprise resources - people, process, and technology - around the customer to support organizational outcomes, those practicing The Customer Prevention Culture suffer from five key missteps that result in a friction-filled customer experience.

The Customer Prevention Culture highlights a systemic problem that exists in most organizations, the underlying causes and the effects on the customer. While no person, team or company would knowingly sabotage their own business, when left to their own devices and without leadership directing them to a higher standard, The Customer Prevention Culture creeps in and begins to fester, causing the organization to become diseased.

This book offers solutions by providing a framework to build culture, drive sales and create disciples. By teaching and equipping teams to call out The Customer Prevention Culture wherever it's found, workflows are isolated to identify constraints to commerce. While The Customer Prevention Culture is a toxic, accidental outcome, The Culture of Commerce is a proactive leadership mindset that shapes a blues-based, organizational way of life that influences how customers feel when doing business with a company. Teams begin to learn that their workflows are interdependent and interconnected, which increases employee engagement by persuading them to think differently about their role in the customer experience. 

The Customer Prevention Culture also introduces companies struggling with in-consistent sales results to The Sales Engine - The Roadmap to Sales Predictability. The Sales Engine is an irrefutable, business-agnostic framework that applies to B2B transactional, solution-based and consultative selling scenarios. Made up of six components, The Sales Engine is broken down into bite-sized pieces and presented over several chapters with supporting examples and stories. For those seeking a sales model to follow, The Sale Engine provides a cohesive sales and marketing strategy that is easily implemented and resourced. 

In the end, growth-oriented companies need a repeatable sales framework to follow and a winning culture to support their efforts. Prevention isn't just about culture - it's also about the inability to acquire new customers. The Customer Prevention Culture will prompt leaders to think differently about their business by challenging their views of company culture and the resulting effects on customer experience. When The Culture of Commerce and The Sales Engine are embraced, it's game over for the competition!

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“In his book The Customer Prevention Culture, Tom Halpin masterfully describes his observations of corporate practices and mindsets that hinder customer acquisition, retention and business success. Then he turns the tables to provide practical insights on what can be done to ensure organizational alignment and attract both top talent and a desirable, profitable customer base. There is hardly a company in the B2B space that couldn’t glean valuable insights from this book.”

Rick Martoia, President, Alro Industrial Supply

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