Compelling Message

Strong messaging is essential for sales teams to secure meetings, stand out from the competition and advance conversations with prospects. A well-crafted message is very much like a good melody. It stays with you. Although your message may not have the same emotional connection as a song, a succinct message is unique and leaves a lasting impression.


The Rock Your Message Framework is intended to launch clients into a team-based content-building process focused on the essential points of your message. The output is rich content that can be structured, ordered and refined based on its intended use. For example, if the content is pitch material for the sales team, company website, general marketing collateral or slide decks, it makes sense to use the content differently, in expanded or abbreviated formats, at different times in the sales process or customer journey.

You’ll know the sales team is Rocking Your Message when prospects and customers begin to repeat it. Why? Because compelling language always leaves a mark.

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