One to One Coaching


Tom and his team help clients build a roadmap to sales predictability by introducing them to The Sales Engine℠, a business-agnostic sales framework that’s easily implemented and resourced. In order to maximize the impact of The Sales Engine℠ companies must also have a positive culture to attract, acquire and retain customers. To create a winning culture, clients learn how to identify and eliminate The Customer Prevention Culture℠ and then are  introduced to the remedy, The Culture of Commerce℠, a standard for their team to aspire to and align around.  

1:1 Coaching – Phase 1

Clients will be introduced to the different components making up The Sales Engine℠, given guided practice on each element and then apply the learning in their own business. To support The Sales Engine℠, clients will learn how to flag elements of The Customer Prevention Culture℠ and how to begin team-wide adoption of The Culture of Commerce℠.

This is a 3 month sprint that enables clients to identify gaps in their sales and marketing strategy. The Sales Engine℠ provides an easy framework to implement and resource and, as a result of the 1:1 coaching engagement, the client is able to build a prioritized implementation plan.  As each webinar/module is completed, the client walks away with a work plan to address that particular component of The Sales Engine℠. Clients may choose to complete the 3 month program prior to implementation or work in parallel to the Phase 1 program to accelerate the pace of change. 

What Clients Can Expect From a One to One Coaching, Phase 1 Engagement

  • A Personal Engagement
  • 12 Live Webinars to Introduce The Sales Engine ℠ and The Culture of Commerce ℠  
  • Guided Practice To Support Each Webinar and Takeaways to Apply in Their Business
  • Scheduled Calls to Support Adoption and Implementation 
  • Delivery of Content is a Blend of Web Conference, Phone and Onsite  
  • Industry Leading Tools to Transform Their Business
  • A Prioritized Implementation Plan to Install The Sales Engine℠ in Their  Organization 
  • Frameworks and Learning to Introduce The Customer Prevention Culture℠ and The Culture of Commerce℠ to Their Team

Following Phase 1, Clients Have The Option to Implement the Plan Autonomously or Engage The Halpin Group to Support Implementation 

Business Outcome Clients Can Expect?

  • An Irrefutable Sales Framework to Produce Predictable Sales Results!
  • Their Team is Introduced to The Culture of Commerce℠ to align people, process and technology in a customer-centric way. 
  • Their Customers experience the power of One Team - One Goal as friction is removed from the buying experience and the ease of doing business improves in a major way! 
  • Employee engagement increases as team members learn everyone has a customer and that all enterprise workflows are interdependent and interconnected. 



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Group Coaching

I teach B2B clients how to identify and eliminate The Customer Prevention Culture℠ so pervasive in business by introducing them to The Culture of Commerce℠ a standard for their team to aspire and align around.  

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Speaking / Workshops

For those that find The Customer Prevention Culture compelling and want to introduce the content and concepts to their colleagues, Tom can be hired to speak, facilitate or lead a workshop.

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Special Projects

Clients that have specific projects are encouraged to reach out for an exploratory conversation. We can discuss the outcome you’d like to achieve and development a statement of work based upon fit, timing and budget.

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