The Customer Prevention Culture℠

Throughout my career I’ve been amazed at the amount of time and energy sales teams expend insulating customers from internal friction. Rather than selling externally, salespeople spend excessive amounts of effort internally overcoming misalignment and cultural blind spots. In the process of teaching clients how to facilitate commerce, it’s become evident that B2B companies everywhere get in their own way at great expense.  This is what I call The Customer Prevention Culture℠ and it’s embodied by passive leadership, fixed mindsets and a friction-filled customer experience.

The Customer Prevention Culture℠ is rooted in the following dysfunctional patterns:

  • The Customer Is NOT King! – A desensitization that the customer is the reason for the company’s existence.
  • Company-Centric Infrastructure – The company’s people, process and technology serve the company’s internal stakeholders rather than the customer.
  • Tribes & Silos- Misalignment of people and a lack of shared organizational outcomes amongst team members.
  • Customer Touchpoints Break Confidence – The existence of friction throughout too many customer touchpoints, causing the erosion of customer confidence.
  • No Values to Form Culture – There is no vision for culture and no proactive pursuit of values to form culture. This gap makes it impossible to inspire team members to a higher cultural standard.

The Customer Prevention Culture℠ is intended to strike you as absurd. After all, who in their right mind would set out to build, foster or perpetuate a culture that prevents customers? Nobody! And yet, in my experience, it’s pervasive throughout business. The good news? We have answers! Learn more at The Culture of Commerce


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