The Sales Engine℠

The Sales Engine℠ is the roadmap to sales predictability. It reverses sales mediocrity by providing a business-agnostic framework applicable to solution-based, consultative and transactional B2B selling scenarios.

The Sales Engine is a cohesive sales and marketing strategy that produces consistent sales results. The ROI of The Sales Engine℠ is lifetime customer value. The Sales Engine℠ aligns sales and marketing functions by providing a broader perspective into the strategy and activities that contribute to the shared outcome of new customer relationships. Although The Sales Engine℠ is a strategy, it also drives execution by breaking down its components into an actionable process.

For companies suffering from sales mediocrity, there are only a few explanations. One, they’re deploying an outdated sales model. Two, they’ve got the wrong people on their sales team. Three, they have an execution problem.  The Sales Engine℠ provides a template to follow, leaving the company to resource it with time, talent and capital.

The Sales Engine℠ consists of the following components:

Compelling Message

Lead Generation

Digital Strategy

Defined Selling Process

The Sales Team

The Sales Toolbox

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